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Brasília, June 27th 2007 – The principal objectives of Live Earth are to raise awareness about the causes and impacts of global warming, and to propose solutions that each citizen can adopt in their day-to-day lives. The event will occur on the July 7th in nine cities throughout the world (New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Hamburg, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro) for 24 hours. The shows will unite more than 100 music artists and over 2 billion people. In Brazil the show will be on Copacabana Beach, to which an estimated 1 million people will have free access. The artists that are confirmed to play are Pharrell Williams, Lenny Kravitz, Macy Gray, Xuxa, o Rappa, Marcelo D2, Jorge Ben Jor, Jota Quest, Vanessa de Matta e Mv Bill.

Live Earth was founded by music producer Kevin Wall, who organized Live 8 in 2005, a megashow that had the objective to combat poverty. For Live Earth, Wall formed a partnership with Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States and President of the Alliance for Climate Protection, in order to ensure that the show inspires behavioral changes amongst individuals, companies and governments in order to reduce climate changes. Live Earth will be the beginning of a multi-year campaign driven by the Alliance for Climate Protection, the Climate Group and other international organizations in order to combat the crisis of global warming.

In Brazil, the event is supported by the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro and Itaú Bank. The national partners for the event include the Brazilian Forum of NGOs and Social Movements for the Environment and Development (FBOMS), Friends of the Earth – Brazilian Amazon, the World Wildlife Fund Brazil, the Brazilian Agroforestry Network and the Development Program of the United Nations.

A report by the CNT/Sensus released on Tuesday, June 26th, shows that three-fourths of the Brazilian population is worried about climate change. The show in Rio de Janeiro should increase this number. According to Temístocles Marcelos, Executive Secretary of FBOMS, “Live Earth is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness amongst the Brazilian population as to the causes of global warming, and to communicate how each one of us, as well as companies and the government, can contribute to resolve the crisis.” For Roberto Smeraldi, Director General of the NGO Friends of the Earth – Brazilian Amazon, “The mass consciousness-raising of this initiative should stop the era of “Let’s do what we can,” to start the era of “let’s do what we must.”

Amongst the actions of Live Earth is the publication of various simple messages that individuals can use on a day-to-day basis in order to diminish greenhouse gases and to confront the climate crisis. For example, in order to reduce the use of energy, use fluorescent light bulbs, solar-heated showers, and turn off electric home appliances when they are not being used. The messages also recommend that when making purchases, reuse plastic bags in order to reduce the use of petroleum, and eat more vegetables, cereals and fruits, as the meat industry contributes to deforestation in the Amazon, which is responsible for 70% of the greenhouse gases generated in Brazil. The messages also recommend the use of public and collective transportation, orient every citizen to become more active in the preservation of the environment in their communities, and to demand that their governments take actions toward environmental sustainability.

The Brazilian partners are contributing toward the organization of Live Earth Rio, in terms of adapting the solutions messages to the Brazilian context, communicating the event to the public, as well as in the effort to make the event the most green possible. The show is going to run on energy generated from biodiesel, and all of the garbage will be recycled. According to Rubens Born, coordinator of the FBOMS Climate Working Group, “FBOMS intends to use this opportunity and the visibility of the show in Rio in order to highlight the urgency that the Brazilian government finally adopt a real national policy on climate change.”


Temístocles Marcelos – FBOMS Executive Secretary. e – 061 3033.5535

Rubens Born – FBOMS Climate Working Group Coordinator. – 011 4686.1814

Roberto Smeraldi – General Director of Friends of the Earth – Brazilian Amazon. – 011 3887.9369

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